The motto for the eighth edition of the Gezeitenkonzerte is „fresh wind!“. And that can be taken quite literally because never before were wind instruments in all their diversity in the Gezeitenkonzerte so much in focus as this year. You can look forward to world stars such as clarinettist Sabine Meyer, oboist Albrecht Mayer, recorder master Maurice Steger, trumpeter Gábor Boldoczki, saxophone shooting star Asya Fateyeva, as well as outstanding ensembles such as Czech Brass and the virtuoso brass comedians Mnozil Brass. With the legendary King’s Singers or soprano Sarah Maria Sun, strong vocals also provide plenty of fresh wind. Of course, friends of piano music will not miss out in the program and can look forward to Elisabeth Leonskaja, Kit Armstrong, Sebastian Knauer, the Silver-Garburg piano duo and of course Matthias Kirschnereit. The star violinists Daniel Hope and Christian Tetzlaff are regular guests at the festival, while the wonderful violinist Viviane Hagner and the harp virtuoso Xavier de Maistre will be seen here for the first time. This year’s composer portrait is dedicated to Aribert Reimann.

Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, junge norddeutsche philharmonie, Kammerakademie Neuss, Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester, Folkwang Kammerorchester and l’arte del mondo provide extraordinary orchestral concerts and with Amaryllis, Kuss and Ardeo some of the most exciting string quartets are coming to East Frisia. Very special concerts with the stars of tomorrow are the “Gipfelstürmer” (Summiteers) evenings with the accordionist Maciej Fraçkiewicz, Nikolai, Frederike and Julian Gast, the NouWell Cousines and of course the legendary „Long Nights of the Summiteers“. Bidla Buh creates an exuberant mood with their musical comedy once again, Uwaga! and Foaie Verde bring the virtuoso music of the Balkans to East Frisia, the Sazerac Swingers will transport you 15 musically to New Orleans, and jazz pianist Michael Wollny, perhaps the most important contemporary German jazz musician, comes to the region for the first time.

Even the audiences of tomorrow can look forward to entertaining concert moments: the TONALi-Concert as well as the children’s concert with Maurice Steger and his musical fairytale hero Tino Flautino or the OLB Children’s Concert with “Die Blindfische” and Suli Puschban. The core festival is again framed by a prologue and an epilogue. These focus on the guitar in its most varied facets: the extraordinary cello-guitar duo Friederike Luise Arnholdt and Jessica Kaiser, fast-paced gypsy guitar by the Gismo Graf Trio, the singer-songwriter music cabaret artists Simon & Jan, in conjunction with the duo Popp/Roß, you will find that guitar is the instrument to discover in all its diversity.

Particularly special is the fact that our artists are again at venues on the entire East Frisian peninsula: intimate village churches, impressive town churches, wonderful historic farmyards and manor houses. But also extraordinary places such as the Emden Van-Ameren-Bad, the riding hall of the Friesian horse breeder Brümmer and the Emden VW Plant. In addition, you can explore the regional characteristics of East Frisia in our accompanying culinary and cultural tourism expeditions called “Streifzüge”.

So look forward to a lot of „fresh wind!“ at the 2019 Gezeitenkonzerte!

Wir bedanken uns bei unseren Festivalförderern